Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jacinta Marie Greene

Jacinta Marie Greene: born 7:34 pm, 3/30/10.

9 pounds, 8 ounces.

21 inches.

A pause in the crying.

Sweet baby.

Ready to get cleaned up.

But not happy about it!

Ah, that's better.

All clean...

And cozy.

Who's ready to go home? Me! Me!

Getting dressed in her first real clothes.

Waiting for the Baby LoJack to be taken off. Can we go already??

Sisters meet for the first time.

Veronica is fascinated.

She wants to play by "baby sister."

Showing off her new sister to her stuffed animals.

First hug, which Veronica instigated all on her own.

So excited!

She couldn't wait to cuddle her baby sister.

Sweet sisters.

Jacinta gets some cuddle time with Omi.

What a cutie!

Isn't she?

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