Saturday, April 17, 2010!

Today we made a trip to Last Chance in Phoenix to get some new shoes for both Paul and me. Our work shoes had deteriorated to the point of no return. We are lucky it doesn't rain here more often, because if it did I think I would have ended up with rainwater inside my shoes...from the soles.

If you haven't been to Last Chance, they are the final stopping point for all things Nordstrom. Now there are certainly some pretty awful things that make their way into that store, since they mostly end up with defective clothing. Or eyesores that just don't sell. But there are also some real gems if you can take the time to find them. But that isn't what I sat down to write about today.

After leaving the shopping center, we were driving down a busy Phoenix street toward the freeway that would take us home. Up ahead, I noticed two men jaywalking (well, running). They were trying to beat the traffic, but got stuck in the middle "suicide" lane.

"Those idiots!" I muttered.

We passed by them as they were still paused in the middle, looking for an opening to dart across to the other side of the street. At which point I realized that one of them was a priest.

Oh my God, I just called a priest an idiot! And I grew up being taught to never ever ever say anything disrespectful about a priest. Moment of fluttery guilt.

But after that initial reaction, I realized that being a priest doesn't make jaywalking a smart thing to do. I wish I had chosen better vocabulary...but "Those men-who-are-unconcerned-about-their-own-safety-and-aren't-acting-intelligent" just doesn't get the point across as quickly. I'll have to research better words to use in those situations.

Because Veronica is a little mimic. And you know kids...they file those things away for the worst possible moments. I can just imagine her cheerfully screaming "Idiot!" in front of Paul's grandma. I'd much rather have her scream something else, like "Silly-head!"

Or not scream at all. Either way.

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