Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I wasn't at all sure how Veronica was going to react to having a new baby in the house. When we tried to explain that there was a baby in Mommy's tummy, she didn't seem to quite get it. In fact, after I would point to my belly and say "Baby Sister," she would sometimes point to her belly and say the same thing. Obviously a breakdown in communication.

Additionally, her recent streak of jealousy where I was concerned was not reassuring.

This is where my mom stepped in. Having her available to watch Veronica during our hospital stay was such a Godsend. She went home after Jacinta's delivery with a bunch of pictures to show Veronica. Now "Baby Sister" was more than just my over-sized belly. She was a real baby!

My mom did a great job prepping Veronica for meeting the new addition to our family.

To say Veronica was excited would be an understatement.

She's exhibited a variety of behaviors in the last week since we brought Jacinta home.



Maybe a little too much curiosity sometimes. Poke, poke.

And even though she can get a little rambunctious and exuberant - I sometimes find myself holding Jacinta in one arm, while playing defense with the other - mostly Veronica has shown a real interest in Jacinta's well being that could be the beginnings of a protective older sister. Nobody messes with my sister but me!

It's sweet seeing the two of them together, and I'm sure as they get older it will only become more so.

Awww...puts a big smile on Mommy's face.

"Look at the baby sister!"


Poke, poke.

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