Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun and Food on the Fourth

My parents had a big party at their house for the 4th.


4th 7

My brother was in town for the weekend, but he had to leave before the party. So sad!


4th 8

Here he is again with his fianc√©, Bridget. Aren’t they sweet? Awwww.


4th 10

There was swimming.


4th 11



4th 12



4th 13



4th 14

Even Veronica was brave enough to go off the board.


4th 15

Some people chose to hang out inside and watch “Life”.


4th 16

Some chose the finer things.


4th 27

Some remained near the food…


4th 20

…and drink.


4th 30

The kids made a fort downstairs.


4th 18

While the swimming continued outside…


4th 19

…(complete with more jumping)…


4th 21

…meat was being grilled.


4th 31

Lots of meat.


4th 22

The dogs were hopeful that something would fall their way.


4th 24

Outside looking in. I don’t think she was ready to be done yet.


4th 25

But she was tired.


4th 39

She wasn’t the only one.


4th 33

There was no shortage of food. Everyone contributed.


4th 36

And there were plenty of fun things to drink.


4th 34

Beef cross-ribs. Yum.


4th 9

These didn’t last long. Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar – on top of a generous cracker.


4th 26

Another favorite.


4th 32

Brian made chili before he left. Thanks Brian! Tasty, but spicy.


4th 28

All dried off and ready to eat.


4th 35

In addition to all the snacking I did, I also had this plate full of meat. Although I did split the cheeseburger with Paul. Really.


4th 17

Can’t forget dessert! My mom made Strawberry Shortcake. Shortcakes!


4th 37

And I made these cupcakes


4th 41

After dessert, the guys needed to smoke cigars and discuss things.


4th 29

Jacinta preferred to stay inside.


4th 38

Veronica noticed that the babies were getting some attention. She had to get in on the action.


4th 40

And all the while, still there was swimming. I don’t think the pool was ever empty the entire time we were there.


We had to go before it was fully dark in order to get the girls to bed on time. We caught glimpses of a couple fireworks on the way home. With the new law, maybe next year we will get to set some small ones ourselves! It was a great party…but I don’t envy whoever did the dishes.

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