Monday, July 19, 2010

Two Years Old!

I had intended to start this post “Two years ago today I was giving birth…”

But that would only have worked if I had posted this on Saturday like I planned. (Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief?) Life sometimes gets in the way of things – even important things like blogging about a two-year-old’s birthday party and her awesome cake.

What cake? I hear you ask.


Birthday 1

This cake! This is the whale cake that I made fondant for last week, like I mentioned in my Small Successes post. I’ll post more details (and pictures) about how I did it soon. ***Here they are***


Birthday 2

When do I get to eat this thing, anyway?


Birthday 3

Veronica knows the Happy Birthday song, but she isn’t used to having it sung to her. She wasn’t really sure what to make of being the center of attention. At least not in this situation.


Birthday 4

You want me to do what to those candles?


Birthday 5

She was ready to devour that whale.


Birthday 6

Somehow, it managed to keep a smile on its face through it all.


Birthday 7

Unfortunately, I stepped away for a moment and missed Veronica’s mouth-first dive into the writing to the side there. You can see some of the evidence beside the knife. Which wasn’t there when she was licking the foil, just to be clear.


 Birthday 8

An animal puzzle! Veronica does love her some animals.


Birthday 9

Everyone knows my girl so well. She scored big time on the bows and clips. Which is good since she tends to leave them scattered around the house. Now we have matching pairs again!


Birthday 10

What is this? A child who is excited to read the card? Believe me, that didn’t last long.


Birthday 11

You can never have too many clips.


Birthday 12

This was one of her favorites. Stuffed animals are always a sure way straight to Veronica’s heart. And she wears that animal-loving heart on her sleeve. Er, face. Lion has joined the ranks of crib animals, keeping Veronica company during the night-time hours. Her cousins made a good choice.


Birthday 13

Even the promise of another present couldn’t quite make her let go of lion.


Birthday 14

As with most occasions involving present-opening, chaos eventually won the day. I mean, really - what child can resist the call of brightly wrapped goodies? Even some adults can’t help themselves. But honey, I was only helping our daughter get through the tougher packaging. Sure, Paul, sure.


Birthday 15

And the biggest present of the day was this bike from Mommy and Daddy (AKA Aunt Kathy. Thanks, Kath!) Veronica spent all of two seconds on it before getting scared. But I have confidence that she will get used to it soon enough, if her rocking horse is any indication.


Birthday 16

So, while two years ago today I wasn’t giving birth anymore, I was beginning my (thankfully short-lived) journey into sleep deprivation.


Birthday 17

I’d say it was worth it.

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  1. Happy Birthday Veronica!! Wow Tori, she is adorable!
    Great cake too!