Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aspiring Receptionist

When I went back to work after Veronica was born, I brought her to the office with me on Tuesday mornings since we don’t see patients until noon. She would just hang out in her car seat or bouncy chair and hopefully nap. I’d take a break if she got hungry. She was a great baby and it was really easy for me to breeze through some work.

Until she became mobile. Then the exploring began.

Veronica office 0

I’ll get it, Mama!”

So eventually I stopped coming into the office on Tuesdays, except for an hour or so while we have our weekly staff meeting. And now I bring both girls with me. It works great because my co-workers help me keep them happy. If I have to deal with a fussy Jacinta, then Maria will help keep Veronica entertained (or fed, depending on the day). Or vice-versa. Minus the fed part.

But sometimes, Veronica entertains herself.

Veronica office 1

I’m ready for my new job, Mama!”

Veronica office 2

Hmmm…What does this key do?”

Veronica office 3

Cathy, there is no way you are getting your seat back!”

Veronica office 4

Would you like to make a follow-up appointment?”

She’s just growing up so fast!

Veronica, I know you were excited about the keyboard. But you don’t need to get a job for a couple more years at least.

Well, maybe we’ll talk about it after your birthday.

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  1. So that's why she likes my desk so much, she climbs on my chair and tries to type or write. She's really helping me keep my desk more organized (meaning hide my writing tools...sometimes I get extra appointments in my calendar ;0)