Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in Pictures

Memorial Day 1

I’m beginning our weekend with Thursday afternoon. Veronica wanted to share her current favorite movie, My Neighbor Totoro, with her cousins. Michael may have been a little nervous. Donovan was not picking his nose, I checked.

Memorial Day 2

Meanwhile, Jacinta was being very cute for the camera.

Memorial Day 3

Sunday night we went to dinner at Deb and Clint’s. Veronica ran around the backyard a bit, picking up rocks. I bet you didn’t know that kids don’t need expensive toys. They just need rocks or boxes or pans – unless you want them to play with any of these household objects. Then they want the expensive toys.

Memorial Day 4

The refrigerator magnet animals became her new best friends and accompanied her as she roamed the yard.

Memorial Day 5

Reading a book with Tori and Hailey.

Memorial Day 6

Monday was the Memorial Day feast and swim extravaganza at my parents’ house.

Memorial Day 7

There was a lot of swimming!

Memorial Day 8

Even Jacinta joined in, though she was a little unhappy at first. I’m sure the fact that Ri Ri had just licked her face had nothing to do with her expression.

Memorial Day 9

Jacinta and Omi.

Memorial Day 10

Starting to get tired.

Memorial Day 11


Memorial Day 12

Veronica was a little chilly. How that is possible in Arizona on Memorial Day, I don’t know.

And how could it be a fun afternoon without a romp on the trampoline? Not every trampoline comes with a human net!

Memorial Day 13

Taking a rest. Jumping is hard work!

Back up and running!

Memorial Day 14

Countdown to the final bounce!

Aaaaaaand GO!

Memorial Day 15

The professionals.

There was also a crazy 17-person game of Telephone Pictionary (my phrases of choice are usually not as long as the examples at the link). Any game involving drawing, little kids, and adults who have imbibed alcohol must be fun, right?

And the food! Everyone brought some really tasty Memorial Day fare. I made Strawberry Lime Squares and Blackberry Cobbler. Yum!

It was a great end to a great weekend.

And not forgetting the reason for all of this fun: if you get a chance, check out the photos that The Pioneer Woman posted here. She did five separate posts, take a look and just try not to cry.


  1. That Blackberry Cobbler recipe looks delicious! I may have to try it. :)

  2. Tori - I love that you share my love for The Pioneer Woman. Have you ever tried her Chocolate Sheet Cake? That stuff is like crack in a sheet pan... er, not that I've ever tried crack. Anyway that stuff is good... and it would be perfect since you guys have a big extended family.

  3. Karen #1 - It IS delicious. I have also made the other cobbler in the Great Debate and it is hard to say which is my favorite.

    Karen #2 - I have made the sheet cake and YUM! I need to do that again soon. Help me think of an excuse...

  4. Karen #2 (aka CA Karen)June 3, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    Excuse? You need no excuses for that sheet cake. ;) But how about to celebrate your small successes for the week?

    And gosh, two Karens in your life who respond to the same post? I'll have to distinguish myself... how about CA Karen (unless Karen #1 also lives in CA...)?

  5. I think CA Karen will safely distinguish you. Although I would know it was you anyway :)