Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Comparison: 3 Months

Jacinta turned 3 months old today. Time to bust out the Jumperoo!


3 Months Veronica

Veronica at 3 months


 3 Months Jacinta

Jacinta at 3 months


It cracks me up that they have almost the same expression on their faces. I definitely see more of Paul in Jacinta. You can’t tell from this picture of Jacinta, but her hair is wearing off on the back and sides just like Veronica’s did – she is destined for the baby comb-over! I think Veronica may have been chunkier (and still is!), but Jacinta has her beat on length. Veronica needed a little something extra (like a box) under the Jumperoo so she could bounce at this age, but Jacinta can reach the ground just fine. Since the Jumperoo was a huge favorite of Veronica’s, I’m glad that it seems like Jacinta is going to like it as well.


Veronica park

Look at Veronica’s hair now. It really lightened up. It makes me wonder if Jacinta’s will get lighter, too. Only time will tell!

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