Thursday, June 10, 2010

Small Successes Thursday!

1. Made another step in my quest for the perfect homemade salsa. This time, I used green onions instead of white or yellow. Big improvement, but still needs some work.

2. With leftover cake in the house from the baptism, I somehow managed not to have any for dessert last night. Wish I could say the same for every other night since Saturday!

3. Finally managed to convey the meaning of “ask nicely” to Veronica. Kind of. She says “I want _____.” I say “Ask nicely.” She says “Please I want _____ nicely.” Which is better than “Yes!” or “Okay!” We’re getting there…


  1. I've yet to come upon a homemade salsa that screams, "Perfection." If you discover the secret, please post it! Green onions do seem like a good start -- I hate having dragon breath after salsa :).

    Congrats on a great week!

  2. Good job! I think my next week goals will have to do with the garden, maybe closets... those are scary...

  3. Farmer's City Wife - The green onions are definitely more subtle, but oh my! the garlic was still strong. I could smell it as soon as I opened the fridge.

    Kara - Our closets are scary, too. One of these days...