Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mauthe Lake

So I am way behind on my vacation blogging. I am going to do my best to catch up, I just have so many pictures to sort through! I think over a two day period I took more than 500 pictures. Just to give you an idea. That is a lot more than usual, for sure.

Anyway, I’ve already posted our whirlwind first weekend of events, including the Airshow, Wedding and Baptism. On day four - which was Monday the 2nd - the schedule included a trip to Mauthe Lake for swimming (if desired) and tasty food. We were celebrating all the summer birthdays, as well as sending off Paul’s cousin John Michael who is joining the best branch of the military – the Marines!


Aug 3 2010 040

It wasn’t a long drive, and it was filled with things we usually don’t see here in Arizona. Fields and fields of flowers and green stuff.


Aug 3 2010 042

There were some neat houses to see on the way, too. This was the only one I got a good picture of.


Aug 3 2010 043

Cows! It must be Wisconsin.


Aug 3 2010 044

Ahhh, the Eden Meat Market. We think of you fondly when we are apart. It’s in the middle there.


Aug 3 2010 046

Windmills were recently erected around the countryside to take advantage of the wind (naturally). Some people think they are an eyesore, but I rather like them. What’s that you say? It’s because I don’t have to look at them every day? Maybe.


Aug 3 2010 048

The kids were ready to play on the beach. I still have a hard time thinking of it as a beach, since it is a lake and not the ocean. But it has sand.


 Aug 3 2010 053

Perfect for making sand castles. Towers. Structures. Whatever.


Aug 3 2010 055

Pausing to admire the beauty of the scene?


Aug 3 2010 061

Everyone got in on the action.


Aug 3 2010 063

Some liked to direct.


Aug 3 2010 057

Some liked to build. A moment alone to actually get something done!


 Aug 3 2010 067

Some liked to just watch from the sidelines. And suck their fingers. I am definitely in this category, minus the finger-sucking.


Aug 3 2010 068

“Wait, it looks like Daddy is actually making progress out there.”


Aug 3 2010 069

“I’ll take care of this!”


Aug 3 2010 071



Aug 3 2010 072

…that should do it.”


Aug 3 2010 077

There was also fishing, which was a success.


Aug 3 2010 085

At least, it was if your goal was keeping the kids entertained. They were too few and too small to be cooked and eaten. The fish I mean, not the kids. Anyway, better luck next time!


Aug 3 2010 094

And after fun at the lakeside, we gathered back at camp, AKA Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Al’s camper. There was lots of tasty food for dinner (and dessert!), and plenty of time to hang out and visit.


Aug 3 2010 093

All in all, a fun day and pleasant evening. The only drawback was the constant mosquito presence. I guess they were hungry, too.

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