Friday, August 20, 2010

A Walk

One afternoon Paul and I got the chance to take a walk around the area where his parents live. The weather was just about perfect, and the lighting was great for taking pictures. We got to test our skills.


Walk 1

This is the driveway of the neighbors across the street. We used it to cut over to a sunflower field.


Walk 2

Holy Family. I love all the windows, it makes it so bright inside.


Walk 8

Lots of sunflowers.


Walk 6

And thistles, too.


Walk 7

This one had a little bee-looking thing on it.


Walk 5

The trees hanging over made it feel like a secret path.


Walk 9

A little iridescent spider web we spotted.


Walk 10

Just a bee, doing it’s thing.


Walk 11

Whoa, lady, too close. Time to go!”


Walk 12

I love the ivy-covered look.


Walk 13

A monarch butterfly caterpillar.


Walk 14

Paul found a milkweed to release it on. Now the little fella won’t starve.


Walk 15

An abandoned house.


Walk 16

It’s falling apart and boarded up now, but it was probably pretty awesome once upon a time.


Walk 17

The basement. Kind of cool, but kind of creepy, too.


Walk 18

An oven? A grill? Whatever it is, I like it.


Walk 19

This stump needs some flowers.


Walk 3

It was great to spend a little time alone with Paul, and it really was a lovely walk.

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